Body Composition

Whether you are overweight or of normal weight you should be aware of the impact body composition has on your health. Even if your weight is within a normal range, you can still have unhealthy or altered body composition.

An unhealthy body composition refers to carrying too much fat in comparison to lean tissue (muscle). This is often referred to as having a high fat-to-lean ratio. As your body’s fat-to-lean ratio increases, so do your health risks. In fact, unhealthy body composition often leads to obesity, a condition associated with many critical health concerns, including:

• Heart Disease • Back Pain
• Stroke • Gallbladder Disease & Gallstones
• High Blood Pressure • Kidney Disorders
• High Cholesterol • Osteoarthritis
• Metabolic Syndrome • Respiratory Problems
• Insulin Resistance • Sleep Apnea
• Type 2 Diabetes • Excess Fatigue
• Urinary Incontinence • Estrogen-Related Problems
• Depression • Certain Forms of Cancer

Are you overweight and undernourished? Ask us about natural products to help with weight loss/fat loss and cravings or contact us today to schedule an appointment for a body composition test and learn more about what you can do to reduce your health risks.