Your Visit

Initial appointment – 1.5 hours in length
This appointment encompasses a very comprehensive assessment in which a medical, nutritional, and lifestyle history are obtained, lab values are interpreted, current medications and supplements are assessed, body composition measured, and followed by discussion related to wellness goals. Based on this information, together with your dietitian, you will develop a nutrition and lifestyle plan.

Follow-up appointment – 50 minutes in length
At this appointment we will review your food & activity journal, discuss your successes with the plan, and the areas where you may be having difficulties. Your dietitian will provide further education and advice to assist you in reaching your goals.

Subsequent appointments – 50 minutes or 25 minutes, as needed
At each subsequent appointment you will be guided in acquiring the skills needed to change old habits. New strategies will be discussed to help you get through plateaus or circumstances that make it difficult for you to stay on course with your plan.