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Hydration is so important! Flavor your water with sliced citrus, ginger, mint, cucumber, melon, berries, etc. Refill carafe throughout the day – aim for 2-3 carafes each day! The topper will hold your fruit so it doesn’t fall into your glass.

Healthy snack foods:

Safely grill your food without it falling through the cracks!

My favorite appliance! From dips to green drinks to soups to healthy ice cream! You will love it! It’s definitely the best investment you will make in your kitchen!

Vacuum-seal your food to preserve it longer with BPA-free bags

Can’t afford a fancy peloton? This folding bike is sturdy, quiet, and can get tucked away when not in use!

The health benefits of restorative yoga are not to be ignored! It can quiet your CNS, improve your flexibilty, balance, and motility, boost your immune system, relax and destress you, and more! Here is a great kit to get you started!


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