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“Break” Your “Fast” with Nutritious Foods – Fuel Up for a Great Day!

Updated: Jun 19, 2022

Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. Not only does it give you energy, breakfast is linked to many health benefits, including weight control and improved focus.

Breakfast skippers and those who have coffee and a banana on-the-run tend to eat more calories later in the day, which can sabotage weight loss goals. Plan ahead by keeping fresh fruit and veggies, eggs, raw nuts, and whole grain breads and cereals on hand.

Here are some healthy, grab-and-go options:

  • Whole-wheat toast with natural peanut butter and sliced banana

  • Smoothie made with whey or pea protein with greens and berries

  • Avocado toast on whole wheat sourdough toast with sauerkraut, over-easy egg, and topped with: "everything but the bagel" spice or a pinch of salt and cracked black pepper or Cholula or red pepper flakes or hemp hearts...

  • Whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk or a plant-based milk and 10 raw almonds

  • Hard-boiled egg and a small banana

  • Whole-wheat English muffin with low fat ricotta cheese, a slice of tomato, and cucumber with cracked black pepper

  • Salmon on 1/2 whole-grain bagel with light cream cheese

  • Steel cut oatmeal made with berries and chopped, raw walnuts

  • Breakfast burrito: Scrambled eggs in a whole-wheat or cassava tortilla with black beans, avocado and salsa

  • Plain Greek yogurt with sliced peaches, chopped, raw pecans, and 1-2 TBS of low fat granola or Fiber-One cereal, for crunch

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