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Salad-Size Me – Results!

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

After 4 weeks of the Salad-size Me Program we met with Frank Kramer (of KLOS’ “Heidi & Frank” morning talk show) to get our results.

Before (6/3/13): After (7/1/13):

Weight: 206.6 lb 198.2 lb Fat %: 25.6% 22.4% Fat Mass: 52.8 lb 44.4 lb Fat Free Mass: 153.8 lb 153.8 lb

Desirable Range for a man of Frank’s age and height: Fat %: 11-22% Fat Mass: 19.0-43.4 lb

Frank lost 8.4 lb of fat and retained all of his muscle in just 4 weeks. Frank confided that he only worked out 2 x week with a trainer and did no exercise on his own, so this weight loss has to do with his diet. Had he been working out 4-5 x week we would have seen bigger improvements in his body composition, i.e. more fat loss and muscle increase.

Frank reports that he now wakes up with energy, after only 5 hours sleep, and he feels energized all day long. He does not have fatigue, bloating or gas after eating and never felt hungry on our plan. Other areas of improvement were: no more cravings, increased libido, decreased stress, no heartburn, less mood swings, more muscle aches (due to exercise), no abdominal pain, less allergy symptoms, and more bowel movements (from all the fiber)! Phew!

Frank said he feels like he learned a lot about nutrition, cleaned all the caffeine and junk out of his diet, and wants to continue eating clean, balanced meals. He feels great to have started exercising again and is inspired by his results to crank up the cardio and weight training to at least 4 x week. He will start filling a cooler with his own snacks and meals for when he is not at home and plans to have the gym bag packed and ready to go!

We are thrilled with his results and will continue to support him on his healthy path! So proud of you, Frank! Keep up the good work!

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